Preparing Classrooms – and Hearts – for School

Whew! July has been a very busy month, with 3 conferences and a visit with my family up in Dubuque. All of it was wonderful, but I am so glad to be back home and getting ready for school! πŸ™‚

St. John Bosco is helping me. He wrote, “It is not enough that young people are loved. They must know that they are loved.” Continue Reading


Those Who Know God Are Wonder-Filled

These unexpectedly cooler July days, here in western Illinois, are reminding me not only of a typical summer day along Lake Superior (with highs in the β€˜70’s), but also of a Vacation Bible School I experienced when I was about five, living then in a town (L’Anse, Michigan) alongside Lake Superior. Continue Reading

Summer means BINGO!

Or at least it did today, in our dining room.:)

During the school year, I’m never home during the day for events featuring speakers or performers. Usually the only Sisters who attend are our elders and those who work in administration. And I rarely am home for Mass (I go with my class at school). Continue Reading

Musings on Stability amid Vastness

When do you you most let your life slow down? Is it in lectio? In the evening? In the morning before you begin your active day? When you vacation?

When I’ve traveled to a new place, I usually prefer to linger in one area and get to know it well — whether that’s hanging out by a cabin beside a lake, or walking around a friend’s neighborhood in San Francisco. In one afternoon at the Smithsonian, a new friend and I looked carefully at just the roomful of Madonnas with child, just to observe the iconography of animals in the margins and to notice changes in the style and themes over the centuries. Continue Reading